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Easy Edibles

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Sheri Repucci First Edition November 2009 150 pages, illustrated $14.95 ($17.99 Canada) ISBN 978-1-935770-00-8

A Beginner’s Guide to Growing Organic Food in the Lower Great Lakes Region

Overview of the contents

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Chapter 1 shares Sheri’s enthusiasm for gardening in the lower Great Lakes region and lets you know what makes gardening here special. Chapter 2 presents key concepts crucial to the art of organic gardening: the location of your plantings, the vitality of your soil, your choice of plants, and knowing what takes time and energy in the garden throughout the growing season. Chapter 3 shows you the steps of gardening organically, including improving your soil, planting and supporting, and composting.
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Chapters 4 and 5 are reference sections outlining the basics of common and easy-to-grow vegetables (Chapter 4), herbs and edible flowers (Chapter 5). These chapters also provide journal space to record your experiences with each plant. Chapter 6 goes straight to the heart of growing edibles: providing nourishing and delicious food for the table. Here you will find everything you need to know to clean, store, cook, and preserve your bounty. You’ll also find simple, delicious recipes that take full advantage of your harvest.
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Chapter 7 is a listing of vegetables that have a history of causing untold frustration in the lives of new gardeners. You’ll find out why some plants can be difficult to grow, and why gardeners love to grow them in spite of their challenges. The book concludes with a reference section listing Extension Services in the lower Great Lakes as well as Master Gardener programs and some recommendations for additional reading.