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Garden Spirits

by sheri
Well, it’s finally happened, I’ve been asked to give a talk that combines an introduction to organic vegetable gardening, container gardening techniques, and the ancient lore of garden spirits. Oh wow – nothing like a challenge!?! While I’m quite familiar with the histories of the gnome and the ancient Greek Herm, and relatively familiar with fairies, the wider range of spirits that have inhabited our gardens over time is unfamiliar territory for me. What really perplexes me is how in the world to weave garden spirits into a teaching moment on container gardening? Ah, well, let me go off and figure this out some – I will report back after the talk to let you know how (and if) I pulled it off. By the way, the talk is at Angelita’s Coffee House in Midland, Michigan on July 9th. Stop by if you can. Meanwhile, if you have any suggestions on this topic…do tell.