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Second planting of Kale

by sheri
If you like kale, now is the time to plant a second crop of it. And if you don’t think you have enough space in the garden for anything more I would still encourage you to try. Kale doesn’t take up much space in the garden (about 1foot diameter when fully grown, depending on the variety) but it will take it a bit of time to get going. So, if you stick a few seeds next to plants that die off when the cool weather hits (so, things like tomatoes, peppers, summer squash, and basil) the kale should start to need more space just about the time the other plants are dying back. And, as a bonus – leave all your kale plants in the ground at the end of the season and they will start up like magic come the spring (they are biennials, meaning they grow for two years before they set their seeds. As a result we can harvest kale leaves for two seasons from one planting).