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The Ease of Bush Zucchini

by sheri
In all my years of growing zucchini I had never found my way to trying the bush form of it (versus the traditional runner variety) – well, until this summer that is. Oh, and how silly I now feel. Bush zucchini, as I’ve just learned, has two incredibly useful properties – one of them I didn’t even know I needed! The obviously useful property is that it stays put, no wondering where to place the 20 feet of trailing vine the traditional variety sends out. Instead, the bush zucchini plant grows in a nice round plant, about 3 foot in diameter. It really is quite cute, it sits there like a nicely contained perennial with it’s giant leaves splayed in all directions. But the real advantage to this plant is that the zucchini’s grow in the very center of the plant – sticking up and out in all directions. The benefit? No more lifting up the 20 feet of incredibly prickly vine to hunt down the fruit. Nope, on these bush babies the fruit are right there as obvious as can be, waiting patiently to be picked. How incredibly convenient!