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Where I’ve been

by sheri
As blogs go this one has been incredibly quiet over the last few years. Hmmm, okay that’s an exaggeration. Perhaps it would be more accurate to say this blog has been all but dead for the last few years. Yes, that would indeed be more accurate. On this quiet I feel an explanation is owed. The rule of modern society seems to be that one can write a blog where ever one is in the world, and thus one has no excuse for not keeping up on it. Ah, if life was indeed so simple you would have been getting blog updates from me regularly. As it happened, I did change my location in the world – I moved to take up graduate study. However, among all the experiences this adventure has been providing I’ve had a hard time staying connected to gardening. Oh, the first two years were great; I found spaces to do container gardening, helped out friends whose landscapes were getting the better of them, and I traveled on and off giving author talks and holding signings for the book, Easy Edibles. But graduate school and life in the big city eventually took over. With fewer and fewer gardening experiences, I had fewer and fewer gardening stories to share with you. Thus, the blog turned quiet. But, I am thrilled to report I had a wonderful gardening season last summer, leaving me with tips and fun times to share. Additionally, as luck would have it I am in a place in my studies where writing is on the agenda full time, so writing I intend to do. I am truly looking forward to sharing the upcoming gardening season with you! P.S. I hear the intense winter weather in the Great Lakes region has killed off the larvae of the spring mosquito – wonderful news for those of us with plans to dig in the dirt this spring.